If you’ve read my profile, you understand that I’m a White Sox fan – huge White Sox fan.  I’ve been a fan since I was breast-fed in Comiskey Park.  I might have even been born wearing a White Sox jersey.  That being said, I’m doing the unheard of – I’m wearing a Cubs jersey. To a Cubs game. Against the White Sox. 


It all started with the Blackhawks reaching the Stanley Cup Finals.  My best friend Mike (www.dachicagofan.com / gibbsreport) has season tickets to the Bulls and Blackhawks.  Last year, I went to the semifinals game 6 against Vancouver, in which Kane score the hat trick.  This year, I told Mick that I don’t want to go to any games until the Finals.  Being a best man, he kept me a ticket.  However, I didn’t have the dough to pony up, so I offered to cheer for the Cubs and wear a Cubs jersey.  Foolishly, I left it open.  I didn’t think it could be worse than that.  


So, Mick, me and others went to Game 2 at the United Center, a Blackhawks win.  It was there that I was informed of my “punishment.”  Honestly, I had a great time, and although I am a much bigger White Sox fan than Blackhawks, I will gladly wear the Milton Bradley jersey and cheer the Cubs against the White Sox.